Find Out How DC and Marvel Actually Create Their Memorable Superhero Costumes

By Germain Lussier on at

On a comedy or drama, a costume designer’s job is pretty straightforward. Design, then either buy or create the clothes that will be worn in the film. But on a superhero movie, once you design the costumes, they can’t be bought in a shop – they have to physically be constructed. One of the companies who does this is Ironhead Studios.

In this fascinating video by Tested, founder of Ironhead Studios Jose Fernandez, talks about how the process works and about his company. He explains Ironhead created the costumes in Batman v Superman, but didn’t get screen credit, as well as explains how detailed and specific Marvel is when it comes to costumes like the new Black Panther. He also talks about how he tried to win the contract to make costumes for X-Men: Apocalypse, lost, and still made the costumes anyway.

All of that, plus there’s looks at G.I. Joe, Tron: Legacy, Daredevil, explanations of how 3D printing and computers have changed the industry and more. It’s well worth the watch! [Tested, H/T Kenneth C]