Furniture that Flattens Into Wall Art is Perfect for Cramped Flats

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Just because you live in a cramped flat doesn’t mean you don’t want to entertain. So here’s a brilliant way to keep some extra seating around, without wasting precious floor space once all your guests have left.

Designer Jongha Choi’s From 2D to 3D furniture collection is fully functional when unfolded to third dimensional form. But for easy storage, the simple seats and table collapse into just two dimensions (mostly) so they can be slid behind a bookshelf or hung on a wall as a piece of functional modern art.

There’s no word on where or when you’ll be able to buy Choi’s unique take on flat-pack furniture. But its clever engineering could be used for everything from dining room tables to bed frames, and the next time you had to move would be as easy as picking up plywood from the lumber yard. [Jongha Choi via Dornob]

Furniture that Flattens Into Wall Art Is Perfect For Cramped Apartments