German Techno Enthusiasts Now Snort Chocolate to Get High

By Gary Cutlack on at

According to some people who frequent the darker corners of the Berlin club scene in the hope of bumping into Steve Davis showing Ronnie O'Sullivan what it's all about, there's a hot new chemsex-techno drug on the streets -- chocolate.

The new party drug is pure, raw cacao powder -- just a decent blend of chocolate. Berlin club night Lucid apparently gets the kids and recently divorced middle-aged techno enthusiasts going by serving drinks laced with a Balinese cacao, while global club night organiser Morning Gloryville goes so far as to stock cacao pills -- chocolate buttons by any other name -- to give its visitors that authentic pill-popping experience but without the risks of renal failure.

Presumably they also charge £10 a time for the pills, and some are low-grade hydrogenated vegetable oil options that do nothing, to make it just as exciting a lottery as doing actual drugs.

As to the effects of mixing techno and chocolate? The release of endorphins from the happy taste makes you feel a bit more like busting out the robot dance moves, the magnesium levels of raw cocoa relaxes the muscles, plus flavanols boost circulation and, therefore, perhaps, just maybe, boost brain power. [Ozy via Independent]

Image credit: Chocolate powder from Shutterstock

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