Get Spotify Premium for a Cheap £2.50 a Month Thanks to Family Package Changes

By Gerald Lynch on at

Spotify has updated the pricing and allowances for its Spotify Family premium streaming package, effectively driving down the monthly price of Spotify Premium accounts to £2.50 for those who capitalise upon it shrewdly.

Bringing its multi-user, single-lead-account package pricing in line with rival Apple Music's, the Spotify Family package now lets up to six family members get their own premium access to the service for a £14.99 monthly fee. One user is assigned the bill, but if the five other members all dip their hands into their pockets, you'd essentially be able to get all the benefits of a standard single-user £9.99 a month premium account (such as ad-free listening, offline downloads and personal playlists for each user) for just £2.50 per person.

Of course, the definition of "family" can be quite a broad one too, and Spotify's own terms and conditions doesn't seem to be laying down any hard or fast rules in that regard (at least from what I can make of the legalese).  So if you and your five best mates are like a band of brothers and sisters, you might be able to figure out a way to make the new Spotify Family package work to your advantage too.

What may be a win for your bank balance may not be quite so useful to the bands and artists you like though – any discounted user price is only eventually going to drive down the per-stream payout economy for those whose music is on Spotify and similar services. So keep that in mind, and buy the t-shirts, attend the tours and spend cash on the records of the bands you really love. [Spotify]