Google and Facebook Could Set up Universities Under Government Reforms

By Gary Cutlack on at

Changes to the UK's education system will make it easier for private companies to start up universities and create bespoke qualifications, meaning that one day soon we may have degrees in generating content and courses in successfully engaging with audiences via Google and Facebook.

The changes are being rung in by Universities Minister Jo Johnson, who also said that unis will be able to raise their tuition fees above the current £9,000 threshold should they have a believable plan to usher in a higher quality of learning and sound existing performance data. The changes are outlined in a white paper titled Success as a Knowledge Economy, and also include allowances for the easier creation of new universities under the guise of enhancing competition.

This would mean that any private firm could establish its own university and dish out custom degrees, with Johnson saying: "Making it easier for high-quality challenger institutions to start offering their own degrees will help drive up teaching quality, boost the economy and extend aspiration and life chances for students from all backgrounds."

Hence Google might start calling itself a UK university, then hoover up all the best nerd talent with a promise of cheaper fees, train them up, then send them off to the US to argue over the best colour scheme to use for advert links. [GOV via BBC]

Image credit: University from Shutterstock

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