Got an Old iPod Gathering Dust? It Could be Worth Thousands Now

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

LIKE THEY DID BACK THEN, am I right, am I right? Seriously though, if you have an old iPod knocking around and you fancy making a quick buck, you might want to cleanse it of your old, Daniel Bedingfield-dominated ‘Chillax’ playlists and stick it up on eBay.

Like old Star Wars figures, Apple’s now-retired music players seem to be picking up serious value. A second-gen, still-boxed iPod Classic is currently up for a ludicrous $19,999.99 (£14,000), while a first-generation iPod mini might have you drowning in $2,499.99 (£1,700). Don't even get me started on the special editions (a U2-edition iPod sold for $90,000 (£62,000) last year).

According to Terapeak, which tracks the prices of collectibles on eBay, people aren’t just flinging around their money for the boxed goods either. So what are you waiting for? I know the eBay selling process is a pain in the backside, but something you may end up throwing away during your next spring clean could end up paying for your summer holiday.

Then again, you could just wait a few more years and sell your iPod for gazillions. Up to you. [Guardian]