Graphene E-Readers Could Be Much Sturdier

By Gizmodo on at

I love my Kindle, but mostly because of Amazon’s warranty. In five years of owning Kindles, I have broken three, all entirely because of user error that involved a sharp force to the unyielding e-ink display. A new tech from China promises to put a stop to all that.

A graphene-based e-ink from Guangzhou Technologies promises a screen that’s brighter, more flexible, and by definition more resistant to abuse. Thanks to the cheaper material (carbon-based graphene is relatively inexpensive to produce), it could also bring down the cost of production of e-ink by orders of magnitude.

The results of cheaper screens could be exciting—everyone’s talked about screens replacing paper for decades, but the cost of a sheet of A4 is difficult to beat. Kindles are already pretty inexpensive, at £60 per—if you can slash the cost of the screen even further, inter-office memos might soon take on a whole new appearance.

[Xinhua via Engadget]