Guinness Records Addict Gets Teeth Pulled to Set Record #20

By Gary Cutlack on at

A serial record breaker has resorted to modifying his body in order to win big with the Guinness organisation, with Har Parkash Rishi now having all of his teeth removed to allow him to set various things-in-mouth world bests.

More specifically, Rishi managed to get 496 drinking straws in his mouth at once, the record that required the prior removing of his teeth. Which is surely cheating a bit.

Rishi has also held and set records for scooter ride duration, ketchup drinking, sugar cube stacking, the having of tattoos of flags, delivering a pizza from India to the US, putting more candles in his mouth than anyone has ever managed to or even dreamed of and more, in a life dedicated to being the best at things that no one else wants to do even to a low standard.

He even adopted his brother-in-law when he was 61 years old, in order to win the record of oldest person being adopted. He's done it all, it's just a shame not much of it was of any use. [New York Post]

Image credit: Yahoo Australia

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