Gun-Shy Police Could Bring Armed Soldiers to UK Streets

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's police forces are having trouble convincing their members to train up as gun carriers, with the problem getting so bad that the Police Federation boss worries we may have to stick the army on the streets to do the difficult job of shooting extreme troublemakers and policing travel hubs.

Steve White, the chairman of the Police Federation, says our cops are too worried about what might happen to them should they actually discharge a weapon, with high profile cases of police being dragged through the courts in the aftermath of some shootings scaring them off applying to be armed officers.

White warned: "I think there is a real possibility the Army could have to be called in to conduct routine duties that are currently performed by authorised firearms officers. If you cannot get police officers carrying guns then you are going to have to have the Army on the streets."

He added: "...we are struggling to fill the vacancies we have currently got because of the lack of understanding and protection that officers would have if they have to discharge their firearm. That's what this survey says - we do fear violence, but officers don't want to carry firearms because they are concerned that if they discharge it, they are going to get arrested for murder." [Telegraph]

Image credit: Armed police from Shutterstock

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