How London's New Hour Long Bus Fare Cap System Will Work

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's new mayor has wasted no time in sticking one of his ideas in place, announcing a plan to effectively cap all city bus travel to £1.50 -- as long as trips are completed within an hour.

Describing this as a "hopper" system, Sadiq Khan said: "The cost of a fare in London has risen for eight years in a row and now that I’m Mayor I am determined to prevent the cost of travel from becoming a barrier to work. The ‘Hopper’ fare will make life cheaper and easier for millions of Londoners, and will help ensure that everyone will be able to afford to travel around the city."

In practise, the new ticket will be automatically applied to anyone who travels via bus and pays using a pay as you go method with an Oyster card or contactless credit/debit card, and allows anyone who's tapped into a bus's reader to take another trip within an hour -- for free. The mayor thinks people on lower incomes who may change buses to complete a trip ought to benefit the most from the change.

Initially, it only allows one extra free journey per hour -- although TfL should enhance this to include unlimited extra rides within the hour over the next year or two. [Mayor via Telegraph]

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