How Many of the 50 Most Influential Gadgets Have You Owned?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A website that's not this one has put together a list of what it thinks are the 50 most influential gadgets of all time, compiling the input of eight writers to build what it no doubt thinks is the ultimate listicle of SEO power.

Sadly for the eight minds, their list is made into an instant joke by the inclusion of Google Glass right atop page 1 as the 50th most influential gadget of all time, even though it was quite possibly the least influential gadget of all time, and one that even tried to derail all future gadgets by dragging them down its useless back alley. Are we all wearing knock-off Google Glass clones? No. It was the opposite of influential. It put people off tech, made us think we'd get punched by that woman's boyfriend for even having a smartphone in public.

Eight people and not one said, "Hang on, Google Glass was a rubbish laughing stock, let's put something else in at number fifty"?

Then there's the Segway at #48. As if anyone owns a Segway, or has ever seen a Segway. Segway is so uninfluential it may as well never have been made. Eight people, and not one spoke up to say something like "Segway? Don't be stupid, that shouldn't even be in the top 1,000"?

Nest at #44. The useless heating thing that's only just been invented and already no one wants. Madness. Anyway, here's 50-11, with some spaces so you can breathe:

50. Google Glass
49. Makerbot Replicator
48. Segway
47. Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano
46. DJI Phantom
45. Raspberry Pi
44. Nest Thermostat
43. Osborne 1
42. Fitbit
41. Roku Netflix Player

40. Sony Discman D-50
39. Oculus Rift
38. Apple iBook
37. Motorola Dynatac 8000x
36. Palm Pilot
35. HP DeskJet
34. Nokia 3210
33. Jerrold Cable Box
32. Wii
31. Sony PlayStation

30. Toshiba DVD Player
29. TiVo
28. Amazon Kindle
27. Polaroid Camera
26. Commodore 64
25. Apple iPad
24. BlackBerry 6210
23. Phonemate 400 Answering Machine
22. TomTom GPS
21. IBM Thinkpad 700C

20. Motorola Droid
19. JVC VideoMovie Camcorder
18. Motorola Bravo Pager
17. IBM Selectric Typewriter
16. Nintendo Game Boy
15. Nintendo Entertainment System
14. US Robotics Sportster 56K Modem
13. Atari 2600
12. Philips N1500 VCR
11. Canon Pocketronic Calculator

Don't bother counting the numbers, we haven't missed out/dupilcated anything, honest. Let's see if Time's eventual top ten of influential tech makes any more sense:

10. Magic Wand
9. iPod
8. Kodak Brownie Camera
7. Regency TR-1 Transistor Radio
6. Victrola Record Player
6. IBM Model 5150
4. Sony Walkman
3. Apple Macintosh
2. Sony Trinitron
1. Apple iPhone

So a wanking device, not the first MP3 player by a million miles, one of thousands of cameras, and the inevitable iPhone at number one. What a rubbish list. Eight people. Honestly. Where's the Flymo? The Dreamcast? Lego? The teasmaid? [Time]

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