How to Earn £1000s of Free Uber Credit

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man claims to have amassed well over £1,000 in free promotional Uber credit, finally making the "Earn $$$$s at home" claims offered by the internet real. Except it's not money you can withdraw and have to spend on food.

His trick was a fairly basic abuse of the trumped-up minicab firm's referral system, one he sort of hacked a bit by creating a Twitter bot to scan for people looking to share codes and... getting in there first.

Except he didn't even do it himself. Mark Rofe explained: "So, I went to and posted an ad to have my first Twitter bot created. It was made in python by a Kazakhstan student studying in Prague and it cost me $20 in total (actual cost was $70, but I had a $50 coupon code)."

That bot did nothing more than respond to tweets for Uber referral requests -- which give both the existing user and the new signer-upper £10 in credit -- sending out his code. The fishing trips worked once tuned enough to beat Twitter's anti-spam algos, eventually earning up to 150 referrals worth £10 in free trip credit each time. [Rofe via i]

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