Hundreds Evacuated in Bath After Live WWII Bomb is Found Under a Playground

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Homes have been evacuated and roads have been closed after an unexploded, 500lb (228kg) WWII bomb was discovered just 1 metre beneath the playground of a former school.

The terrifying-yet-terribly-exciting find was made yesterday afternoon by contractors digging up the land around Royal High School, which only shut down a few years ago. Police and bomb specialists are now trying to work out how to extract the monster weapon from the area, in order to allow residents back into their homes, where they'd be free to play around with actual bath bombs.

"The [Explosive Ordnance Disposal team] are currently building a barrier around the device using 250 tonnes of sand," a spokesman said. "Once this barrier is in place, they will remove the device with a police escort to a safe location away from the Bath area, where they will carry out a controlled explosion."

People living in the area have been sent away to Bath Racecourse, and will be unable to return for 48 hours. A 300m exclusion zone has also been set up, and members of the public aren’t allowed within 100m of the bomb. [BBC]