Iraq Hacks Own Internet to Beat Exam Cheats

By Gary Cutlack on at

Iraq has once again been accused of breaking massive chunks of the country's internet on purpose, with another series of national outages coincidentally happening right when national exams begin at 5:00am -- mirroring what happened this time last year too.

The analysis comes via Dyn Research, which has the graphs to prove it, while internet advocacy group SMEX even has an email from one Iraqi ISP confirming the action and saying that it came about due to an official request made by the country's Ministry of Communications.

The outages ran for three consecutive days and coincided neatly with the secondary and high school exams taking place, although, with this also happening last year, the kids are no doubt aware that it might happen, so will have resorted to old school methods of cheating like writing things on their hands and spending the weeks and months before exams learning all about the subject in question.

ISP Earthlink actually went public and stuck the news on Facebook too, saying that "all of Iraq" would indeed be internetless between 5:00am and 8:00am. [Dyn Research via Vocativ]

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