Is Dredd 2 Finally Happening? Karl Urban Visits 2000AD HQ

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's no secret that Karl Urban desperately wants 2012's Dredd to get a sequel. He's been incredibly supportive of fan campaigns to get the film greenlit, and just last week said that he'd want to be in any sort of follow-up, whether that's a film, or show streamed through Amazon or Netflix.

He's also been very critical of the way the film was marketed, noting that while it was a disaster at the box office it ended up being the top-selling DVD the week it was released on disc. He also mentioned that both critics and fans loved the film, which explains just how much campaigning has been done to get some sort of sequel made.

Today, as it turns out, the man behind Judge Dredd's infamous scowl paid a little visit to 2000AD HQ. Could this be a sign of things to come?

The fact that he's visited 2000AD (to visit Jason Kingsley, co-founder and CEO of the comic's publisher Rebellion, no less) could easily be a sign that both he and the people who make Judge Dredd want to make something happen. Or he could've just popped in for the lulz, knowing full well that corners of the internet would be driven into a frenzy (guilty).

So maybe we'll hear something! or maybe we won't. Despite the fact that Karl Urban said conversations were happening about a Dredd TV show, he's been saying similar things for the past four years about a cinematic sequel. Here's hoping that it's different, but let's not get out hopes up.