Jony Ive Admits Apple Wasn't Confident About the Apple Watch

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Jony Ive -- you know, the British Apple guy who always sounds drunk and is spending all of his time making office chairs for some reason -- has hinted that the current version of the Apple Watch isn’t exactly living up to the hype and is in line for a few changes.

Speaking at an Apple-sponsored fashion event this week, the company’s CDO stood by the device, but admitted that the company wasn’t completely confident about it. "Regardless of whether we declare an interest in fashion or not, we are making products that are more and more personal... products that you wear and you wear every day," he said. "We've not done that before and we've got a lot to learn.

“I think we have always had a very clear and a very singular approach to how we design products that are more familiar to people, more established in terms of product categories. I think it's very hard to have that same clarity and singularity when you're not absolutely confident in your subject matter."

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That said, he’s adamant that the Apple Watch isn’t a ‘me-too’ gadget that’s simply there to take advantage of a passing trend. "It's not us being opportunistic in the way our competitors are. It's not us thinking, 'Well, this is a growing category.' That couldn't be further from the truth."

Ive added that adjustments are on their way, but didn’t go as far as mentioning any specifics. "If you look at what we typically do is that we don't make something and stop,” he said. "It's quite interesting that if you look back at the first generation of the iPod or the [iPhone] — what happens in the next two, three, four years is dramatic. You'd be very surprised about some of the things you would absolutely assume that the first [iPhone] did and it didn't have."

Thinner and taller, then. [Business of Fashion via AI]