Kung Fury II is Happening

By James O Malley on at

Remember Kung Fury? The crazy, 80s style martial art film that saw a Miami Police Detective go back in time to defeat Hitler? If not, stop whatever you're doing right now and spend the next 30 minutes watching the full thing here:

Now get excited: As it appears that Kung Fury II is happening, following a tweet showing the script from producer Dave Osry.

The original film started life as a fake trailer, which was then successfully Kickstarted and turned into a full 30 minute feature. Oh, and they made a music video too featuring David Hasselhoff.

It'll be interesting to see what direction the creators take with the sequel. Helpfully, the first film left it open for a sequel. At the end, Kung Fury spots a swastika on an arcade machine robot back in 1985, revealing that Hitler is somehow still alive. The final shot of the film is Hitler flying off screen on a mechanical bird.

Sadly there are no other details yet, such as whether it will be produced traditionally or whether the creators will once again turn to Kickstarter. But needless to say... we can't wait.