Leaked Benchmark Points to Nvidia GTX 1080 Specs

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you want every irradiated blade of grass in Fallout 4 to look so beautifully decrepit that they'd trigger a real-life Geiger counter through your monitor, you're going to want a fancy-pants high-end graphics card sucking the watts into your gaming PC. Nvidia's expected to launch its next line of GTX graphics cards in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, hopefully triggering the first comfortable 4K / 60fps experience from a single GPU. And, if this leaked benchmark proves to reveal the real specs, that holy grail of PC gaming may be within reach.

As spotted by Videocardz, the leaked 3DMark11 Performance test, reportedly run on a Nvidia GTX 1080, hit a cracking score of 27,683. That's as much as a 50 per cent performance jump over even its high-end predecessor the GTX 980 – though there's no way yet of knowing if any overclocking was involved to hit those highs. A 3DMark FireStrike Extreme test returned an equally-impressive 8,959 score.

The site also points to the new Pascal architecture the card is built around supporting 8GB of GDDR5X video RAM, for a clock speed of 10000MHz, and memory bandwidth of 320GB/s. Keep an eye on the 2am reveal for the full, official rundown. [Videocardz via TechspotTechRadar]