Leaked Canon Lens Has Some Bright Ideas Built in

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Properly lighting a tiny subject when doing macro photography is tricky since your camera ends up so close to it. A ring light surrounding the lens is one solution to the problem, and it looks like Canon might soon be releasing a macro lens featuring an LED ring light built right in.

Digital Camera Info posted what appear to be leaked photos of a new Canon EF-M f/3.5 28mm STM macro lens with a minimal focus distance of 0.093-metres (or 3.66-inches) and image stabilization.

Leaked Canon Lens Has Some Bright Ideas Built in

Despite the addition of the LED ring light surrounding the front lens element, Canon’s new glass might also be the lightest macro lens on the market, in part thanks to a plastic mount on the back. Digital Camera Info speculates that in addition to a reduction in weight, the 28mm macro lens might also come with a lightweight price tag and be targeted at amateur photographers wanting to try their hand at macro photography, without spending a small fortune on all the gear.

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