Lenovo Teases a Return for the Motorola Razr Flipper

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lenovo, the current owner of tech hand-me-down Motorola, has released a cryptic video teaser for something or other, with initial analysis of the clunky historical music and imagery suggesting the return of the Razr brand. And there's the fact that everyone in it is using Razrs.

The clip is accompanied by a date -- June 9, 2016 -- the date of the Lenovo Tech World event, where presumably it'll have some new things to demonstrate. Here it is, make of it what you will:

Perhaps Lenovo is about to announce the acquisition of the Friends rights, and will be bringing them all back exclusively on its own subscription TV service in 2017? Would that make you buy an Android tablet? [YouTube via Cnet]

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