Lidl Recalls Tinned Herring Because Labels Don't Warn They May Contain Fish

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Lidl has issued a recall for Nixe-branded Herring Fillets in a Tomato Sauce (a product I've consumed on multiple occasions) because the tins don’t warn English-speaking customers that the product may contain fish. It’s a ludicrous lawsuit waiting to happen, thanks to the Food Standards Agency. A far cry from the good old days when cartons of cigarettes were plastered with endorsements from doctors.

"If you have bought a product and have an allergy to fish, milk, mustard, egg or wheat do not eat it,” said a deadly serious Lidl spokesperson. “Instead return it to a Lidl store for a full refund. Other green grocer products are not affected by this recall."

On a more serious note, the UK arm of the German supermarket has also had to recall its Herring Fillets in a Tomato and Red & Green Pepper Sauce, Herring Fillets in a Mustard Sauce and Herring Fillets in a Tomato & Pepper Sauce, as their packaging fails to mention that they may contain fish, milk, egg, wheat and mustard.

All jokes aside, if you happen to have any allergies, do take care avoid all danger ingredients, even if it means missing out on Lidl's delectable tinned treats. [Mirror]