Local Fibre Company May be the First to Enter BT's Hallowed Ducts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Localised broadband provider City Fibre is apparently pushing BT for keys to its infrastructure, making it the first outsider to apply for access since BT was asked to allow competitors to use its physical hardware, poles and assorted legacy cables for rival installations.

Southend is the lucky population hotspot chosen by City Fibre, which is said to be badgering BT and Openreach to gain access to its facilities ASAP. City Fibre already offers gigabit connections in a handful of UK cities, and would like to add Southend-on-sea to that list.

According to the Telegraph, Openreach is currently surveying its infrastructure in the area, with a view to opening up around 50k of pipeworks and assorted copper and cabinets to its rival. The paper quotes a source that suggests it's already becoming a bit of a nightmare, though, saying: "There’s not enough capacity to build a fibre to the home network in some of these ducts. Some of BT’s poles are full too."

Although that hasn't got back to City Fibre CEO Greg Mesch, who said: "We’re ready to go with this. We’re looking at using ducts and poles in a lot of our cities." [Telegraph]

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