London's Most Violent Commuter Train is the 1.04am From Blackfriars to Bedford

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

If you’ve ever been on a late-night commuter train while not as pissed as a rat, you’ll know just how horrific the experience can be. Abusive chants, scraps, the smell of piss, puke and pink sambuca in the air and, worst of all, the repeated exclamation of the word ‘BANTER’. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

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Freshly-released figures from the British Transport Police have identified the capital’s most violent late-night commuter train, and the crown has gone to the 01.04 Saturday morning Thameslink service from London Blackfriars to Bedford. 23 crimes were recorded on the service last year, including sexual assault, battery and theft, leading to five arrests and two convictions.

A Thameslink spokeswoman said: “These statistics of 23 crimes in one year have to be seen in the context of the 52,000 passengers we carried between Blackfriars and Bedford in the early hours of Friday night in that same period. The safety and security of our passengers and staff is of great importance to us and crime rates on Thameslink have fallen by seven per cent in the past year because of the range of measures we have put in place.”

The BTP also release the crime figures for another eight of the busiest commuter routes (between midnight and 4am) from London to the home counties. You’ll find them below, alongside the number of crimes reported on the services in 2015:

  • King’s Cross to Peterborough 8
  • Victoria to Brighton 8
  • Paddington to Oxford 7
  • Waterloo to Guildford 5
  • Waterloo to Southampton 4
  • Liverpool Street to Colchester 4
  • Victoria to Maidstone East 1
  • Marylebone to Aylesbury 0

Though only seven crimes were reported on the Paddington-Oxford service, two of those led to convictions. Moral of the story: there are idiots everywhere, and they're going to kill us all. [Standard]

Image: Julian via Flickr