Man Finds Electrocuted Snake Inside PS4

By Gary Cutlack on at

An electrician was called to fix a man's PlayStation 4. That part of the story is not unusual. What happened next will be today's "What Happened Next Will Amaze You" clickbait story of the day, as what happened next was indeed a mildly unusual sort of thing.

The initial bug report explained that "It turned on and then off, and it released a strong smell," which ought to be a bit of a clue. Something had crawled inside the machine and toasted itself, in a modern live-action tribute to Tom & Jerry. But was it a suicidal mouse, brought to the edge of despair by the constant self-esteem undermining attacks of the house cat? A really big cockroach, as this happened somewhere foreign? A nest of spiders, as this happened somewhere foreign?

No. It was a snake, as this happened somewhere foreign. Here, if you want to see a bit of burnt up, probably poisonous foreign snake inside a video games console, is the video:

Must've been nice and warm and cosy in there, right up until the point it fried itself. So there really is a risk of electric shock when you take things apart to see inside for something to do. [Mashable]

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