Manchester United's Final Game Abandoned Due to 'Suspicious Package'

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this afternoon, a controlled explosion was carried out at Old Trafford after a suspicious package was discovered at Manchester United's home stadium.

The package initially prompted an evacuation of the north and west stands 20 minutes before the 3pm kick-off against Bournemouth. Shortly afterwards the rest of the fans were then asked to leave. According to a source at the stadium a device was discovered inside the men's toilets in the ground's north west corner, and the device included a mobile phone.

Bomb disposal teams arrived shortly after the evacuation, and police told the club that it would take several hours to make sure the package wasn't explosive. One source also told The Guardian that anti-terror police were monitoring the situation.Greater Manchester Police confirmed that a controlled explosion took place within the ground, and stewards were seen filing back in shortly before 5pm.

Originally it was believed that the match, the last of the 2015-16 season, would only be delayed for 45 minutes, but it was eventually abandoned. [The Guardian]

Featured image: SeanMcEntee/Flickr