May's Essential Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile

By Tom Pritchard on at

Who remembers much about April? It was a quiet month really, since most of the big news came out during March. Still, we saw the brand new Kindle Oasis, heard rumours about an upgraded PS4 console, started being able to stream PS4 games over to our PCs, saw the first footage of Star Wars: Rogue One, got round to checking out Marvel's Civil War on the big screen, witnessed the world's first full first-person POV film, and the return of Game of Thrones.

April also saw a great many apps, so here are the best apps you should have downloaded to deal with the rest of May.


Droid ID: iPhone users have been able to get TouchID to unlock their Macs for quite some time, but Android users haven't been so lucky. Thankfully DroidID is here to help. Just make sure it's installed on both of your devices, and you'll be able to unlock your Mac with ease and not have to worry about other people guessing your password. [Free]

Scarlett for Chromecast: This one is a slightly better option than your Chromecast's stock home screen. Scarlett has a personalised feed that shows off content from a bunch of social apps (currently restricted to YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter). That means you can see content from all of those services projected onto your TV without any conscious effort. [Free]

Velociraptor: Google Maps still doesn't show us all the different speed limits we come across as we drive across the land, so Velociraptor is filling the void. Never again will you have to wonder the speed limits of different roads when planning your routes. [Free]

Press Reader: This is one for the readers, with an extensive catalogue of newspapers and magazines from all across the world. It's not free, though, so you'll either have to pay for individual issues or opt for a £20-a-month subscription that gives you unlimited access to everything. There's also a feature that lets you find sponsored Wi-Fi hotspots that offer free Press Reader access. [Free]


Railbuddy: This will prove incredibly useful for anyone who regularly travels by train, since it's designed to keep you up to date with the status of your trip. You'll get status alerts starting 90 minutes before departure, informing you of any delays, along with a dashboard full of all the relevant information about your route. [Free]

Sky Kids: An app that gives your kids full access to a massive streaming library of on-demand content, without having to risk them running into something unsuitable. It's free to everyone with a Sky Family, Q, or variety bundle subscription. Content comes from the likes of Disney, CBBC, Nickelodeon, and more. Kids also have their own profiles, to keep accounts neat and organised. [Free]

A Game of Thrones: Get Into the Books: Love the show and want to read the source material? This app is designed to help you get into George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, the books that were adapted to television as Game of Thrones. It's filled with extracts from the books currently on sale to help you get used to Martin's writing style, and figure out who all the bloody characters are. [Free]

Cuvva: Need to use someone's car for a few hours? Rather not deal with the hassle of asking the insurance company to sort out cover? No problem. Cuvva is here to give you insurance cover on a friend or relative's car for up to 24 hours easily and quickly. Just make sure you have your driving licence and the car in question handy. [Free]

Windows Mobile

TuneIn Radio: Similar to Android's Press Reader, except it lets you listen to radio stations instead of reading print publications. Providing a station broadcasts over the internet, you should be able to listen to it in here without having to pay a penny. There are stations focusing on music, sport, talking, news, and more, so there's something for everyone. [Free]

Send Anywhere: An app for sharing large files with other people quickly and easily. Rather than dealing with size limits with email and giving someone access to cloud files, Send Anywhere lets you send it directly with minimum hassle. Just give the other person a code, and it'll get transferred to their device straight away. [Free]

Instaboom: Try as Microsoft might, app devs just aren't getting on board with Windows Mobile. Third parties are more than willing to get right in there, however, and those of you wanting to use Instagram's Boomerang app are in luck. Instaboom lets you create the same looping GIF-like motion images just like all the cool kids who use Android and iOS. [Free]

Audiotica: A great little app that aims to streamline your music experience, and not require you to have to keep switching between a bunch of apps. Whether your music is stored locally, or you use compatible streaming sites, it'll organise everything together. Audiotica supports Spotify,, SoundCloud, and Deezer. Audiophiles will also be happy to know that it also supports FLAC files. [Free]