Microsoft Now Tricking People into Accidentally Accepting Windows 10

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's ever-present Windows 10 update box has started taking an even more aggressive stance, with the company now having the update set to "Recommended" status -- meaning it automatically installs on many people's PCs even when they've spent the morning furiously clicking the litte red cross AGAIN top make the thing go away.

The change in status to a Recommended update means that Windows 10 is now scheduling itself, all by itself, to install itself, all by itself. So it can look at the internet on itself and be the very best operating system it can be. Microsoft says very grandly that it's still possible to cancel or reschedule the switch to Windows 10 once it's been automatically booked in all by itself, explaining: "...we confirm the time of your scheduled upgrade and provide you an additional opportunity for cancelling or rescheduling the upgrade."

Although, given most users by now will be really quite blind to the endless nagging from the box of shame and are therefore unlikely to Bing the problem and read all about it on Microsoft's support pages, who's going to actually bother reading what it says on the Annoying Box That Won't Ever Go Away before shutting it for the umpteenth time? [BBC]

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