Nest Co-Founder Invents Smart Go-Kart

By James O Malley on at

It isn't just cars that are getting smarter - go-karts are too, thanks to Nest co-founder Tony Fadell's new venture.

Engadget reports that the Actev Motors Arrow Smart-Kart comes with built in GPS and wifi - and a host of sensors built in. This means that parents can use an app on their phone to 'geofence' their kid into a specific area, by preventing the car from working after a defined point. Using the app, they can even bring the car to a stop at the touch of a button. They can even set a top maximum speed, so that kids will have to demonstrate they're responsible before being allowed to really punch it.

Introducing Actev Motors Arrow Smart- Kart from Actev Motors on Vimeo.

It's powered by two independent 250W motors, and also features electronic regenerative braking.

On the inside of the kart itself are a bunch of a collision sensors, which like in a Tesla or other modern cars will bring the vehicle to a stop if it senses it is about to hit something. It can then even send a notification to a parent's phone, so they can run out and check that everyone is still alive.

It isn't all helicopter parenting though: The smart features are also used to enable different games and racing modes on the karts, so kids can compete with their friends. Of course - they and their friends will have to have some fairly wealthy parents, as it looks set to start from $1000 (£684) - or just $600 (£410) if they pre-order - and this doesn't even include a bodykit.

Now how about inventing a version for adults, and making it socially acceptable to ride a go-kart to work? [Engadget]