New Alien: Covenant Image Reveals Katherine Waterston's Character and a Ship in Danger

By Katharine Trendacosta on at

Fox released this image from the filming of Alien: Covenant, which shows Katherine Waterston in character as “Daniels” for the first time (that’s her on the right). Also, there are wires ripped from the ceiling and lighting that could indicate a fire in the background, which, if she’s in a spaceship, is rarely a good thing. Things don’t look great.

Missing from this photo is the severed head of Michael Fassbender, the character we are not only most desperate to see, but, in our minds, the character this movie should be named after. Alien: The Adventures of David’s Severed Head.

Anyway, the only thing we know about Waterston’s character is the name, and that’s still more than we know about any of the rest of the new cast, which includes Jussie Smollett, Billy Crudup, and Danny McBride. We’re still more than a year away from this movie’s release, so we assume details will continue to trickle out slowly. [Super Hero Hype]