New Images From the Set of Alien: Covenant Promise Carnage

By Andrew Liptak on at

Michael Fassbender has been talking quite a bit about what to expect in the upcoming sequel to Prometheus. Now, new pictures show that it’s going to be pretty terrifying.

Potential spoilers ahead.

The Daily Mail (Head over to their site to take a look) captured a bunch of new photos from the set, showing off what appears to be a massacre, near some sort of temple with some alien hieroglyphs. The carnage looks pretty horrifying, as though a group of people were burned alive. Another image shows two figures attacking one another, as well as giant sculptures, much like what we saw in Prometheus.

It’ll be interesting to see just what this turns out to entail, but it certainly looks like they’re aiming for that ‘R’ rating.

[Daily Mail, via The RPF]

Alien: Covenant is scheduled to open on October 6th, 2017.