Nintendo Doc Hints at Upcoming PC Gaming Move

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nintendo enthusiasts have been poring over a workmanlike company document released by the gaming giant, discovering terms that seem to hint at future changes in direction -- and include possible expansion into PC territory -- as it looks at future "business diversification."

The wild speculation comes from a serious business document uploaded by Nintendo [PDF], one that talks about the Partial Amendment to Articles of Incorporation of the company in order to, maybe, subtly change its direction in future. The document kindly underlines the new terms of operation for the business, with the interesting one being the addition of the phrase "Development, manufacturing and sale of computer software."

Which could, sadly, mean literally anything. It could mean NX has a mouse and keyboard and runs Steam or is a Chromebook, it could mean its bosses have decided that what it really needs is a mobile version of PowerPoint on the 3DS to prepare younger gamers for the dread organisational hell of the adult world, or it could mean something really exciting like an N64 emulator for Steam.

Other interesting additions include the "Development, manufacturing and sale of medical devices and health devices" and the possible investment in "eating establishments."

That said, the company's existing operational terms already include such bizarre things like the "Sale, lease, management and brokering of real property," inferring it might, one day, if things turn really bad, quit games hardware to become an estate agent. [Nintendo [PDF] via Ars]

Image: LPS-Belfast

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