Nvidia Has A Special GeForce Live-Stream Event Tomorrow Morning

By Gizmodo Australia on at

After a long wait, it looks like Nvidia is about to finally, formally introduce the world to its next generation of GeForce GTX graphics cards, code-named Pascal. Maybe. There’s something else in the works, too…

On May 6th at 6am PST — that’s 2am on Saturday the 7th of May in the UK — Nvidia will hold a “special event livestream”, broadcasting only on Twitch.

It’s a GeForce event, and we’ve all been waiting for the next generation of GeForce graphics cards, but we’ve also been told that there’s something else in the works, too. Has Nvidia been working on its own virtual reality headset all this time? Now that would be interesting.

Watch live video from NVIDIA on www.twitch.tv

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