Open-universe Space Sim No Man's Sky Possibly Delayed

By Gary Cutlack on at

People talking to gaming site Kotaku have some bad news for anyone waiting to spend the rest of their lives or just the summer of 2016 exploring an infinite pretend universe -- No Man's Sky  may have been pushed back from its current June launch date to one in July or August.

The site says that two sources told it this, so you can't argue with it. No new release date is yet scheduled, apparently, although whatever the problem is can't be too extreme, as the game appears to only need one or two additional months of fiddling about with and could still be ready for release in July.

One source was a person, the other an internal communication from retailer Gamestop, which told staff to cover up the game's advertised June 21 launch date with a generic "coming soon" sticker.

If you need something to do and explore in the meantime, why not try out Norman's Sky instead. It's an 8-bit style tribute to the much hyped PS4 and PC game, also boasting a procedurally generated universe to explore and planets to land on and stuff. And it's free and there now. [Kotaku]

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