Pornhub's BangFit Stunt is Like Guitar Hero For Your Naughty Bits

By Gary Cutlack on at

Pornhub's still burning through the April Fool's day joke ideas list it came up with earlier in the year, today releasing a thing it calls BangFit -- a concept for a sports activity tracker for people who want their weekly bit of sex to be augmented by the inclusion of a mobile phone to track their heated, directional thrusts.

Here's the thing for the thing, which is actually all pretend:

Pornhub is so proud of this joke it's even registered the BangFit domain name, where it describes the process as being "...the perfect excuse to watch porn along with your partner." Even though that's a terrible idea as it only leaves everyone with unrealistic expectations of positions, durations, acceptable finishing moves etc. [Pornhub via Ubergizmo]

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