Prison's Cardboard Police Branded Offensive to Actual Cops

By Gary Cutlack on at

An attempt to reduce the numbers of visitors smuggling drugs, mobile phones and USB sticks heaving with pornography into a prison has been roundly mocked, with Chelmsford Prison's installation of 7ft cardboard policemen in its car park branded an insult to the security staff who actually work there.

The pretend cops were stuck to the walls in the car park in some sort of attempt to psychologically undermine the smuggling plans of visitors, visitors bosses presumably think stupid enough to see a flat cardboard thing and think it might actually be real. The car park is already fitted out with CCTV cameras to keep an eye on visitors walking funny because of all the slimline feature phones they've got shoved up their bottoms in freezer bags, so the 2D law enforcement officers are clearly quite redundant anyway.

Francis Crook, from the Howard League for Penal Reform, has officially branded the poster police a bit silly too, explaining: "I think it's insulting to staff. They have to do a very professional, dangerous, difficult job, and we should be treating them with respect. Having cardboard cut-outs of coppers outside is insulting." [BBC]

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