Red Bull's Milton Keynes Factory Gets a Smart and Happy Makeover

By Gary Cutlack on at

Red Bull's factory in international F1 development hotspot Milton Keynes is set to benefit from the application of smart technology, with its facility manager applying what it describes as "advanced building telemetry" to ensure the workers and the bits of car they bash together are all as productive and raceworthy as possible.

The announcement explains that: "Monitored variables such as air quality, light levels and humidity can affect both physical manufacturing processes and human performance. Collecting this rich data gives a better understanding of the working environments within the factory, allowing Mitie to optimise them for enhanced performance."

So turning up the aircon on a hot day might make people happier and therefore work a bit harder and therefore make things imperceptibly better and therefore help the team win more races. A thermostat. They're putting in a thermostat and a man's been given the job of opening windows. Something like that, anyway.

Stephen Foxley from building manager Mitie's team, said: "...this partnership will underline the positive correlation between what happens in the factory and what happens on the track. We are excited to be launching a new intelligent buildings solution which uses advanced building telemetry to improve occupants’ comfort, reduce energy use and maximise the effectiveness of the building’s assets."

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