Science Museum Wants £35,000 to Rebuild Eric, the UK's Terrifying-Looking First Robot

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Science Museum would like to rebuild one of the first actual robots to wow the less cynical world of old, with plans afoot to recreate the automated humanoid Eric -- a robot first seen by a disbelieving public in 1928. This original Eric disappeared, presumably as we needed all the metal we could get for the war effort.

For some odd reason, the Science Museum has decided to outsource the payment of it to us lot, and is currently asking for £35,000 on Kickstarter to pay for the building of this new Eric; money which will be used to hire roboticist, artist and scrap tinkerer Giles Walker to do the job and pay for the screws, oil etc.

The funding page rather charitably describes this as a "detailed design drawing" of the rebuilt robot...

...which is presumably why DARPA and Google aren't putting up the £35k. Here's what Eric's awful face originally looked like (serial killer, face rebuilt by car mechanic father after terrible accident, resulting life of mockery fuelled hatred of society), taken from this historical retrospective:


Charmer. If funded, the new Eric will be put on display in the Science Museum later this year, before appearing as part of a larger exhibition of robotics scheduled to arrive in 2017. [Kickstarter via Londonist]

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