See Your Favourite Film Scenes Broken Down Into Just Their Colour Palettes

By Sophie Kleeman on at

Films typically have a cohesive “look”. Their scenes all fit together within the same aesthetic guidelines. While there’s a wealth of detail that goes into making that look work, colour is a big part of it. Luckily, a nifty Twitter account is here to document the very specific colour palettes in your favourite film scenes.

@CINEMAPALETTES has been around since July 2015, but the photography blog FStoppers recently pointed out its existence. The account takes stills from films like The Lion King, Pulp Fiction, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and puts them above their corresponding colour palettes. It makes for an oddly soothing viewing experience.

Some of the palettes are all over the place, but certain movies have an even, extremely specific palette of various shades of the same colors:

You might also notice similarities in the work of certain filmmakers, like Wes Anderson:

You can find the rest of the stills here. [FStoppers]