Star Wars Celebration Poster Reveals New Rogue One Characters

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

What’s going on here then? Is a Rogue One/The Force Awakens charity special on the cards? We can’t say for sure, but probably not. By all means keep those fingers and toes crossed though.

This is in fact the poster for 2016’s Star Wars celebration, which takes place in London in July. Though it’s dominated by the heroes (and villains) we already know and love, there are a few unfamiliar faces/masks/things dotted around too.

Like that Stormtrooper at the front that appears to be Sepia-filtered. It’s in fact a Shoretrooper, which presumably has a glorious head of surfer-style hair hiding underneath that helmet. There are a couple of Deathtroopers too and even a new kind of AT-AT vehicle called an AT-ACT. In case you were wondering, that stands for All-Terrain Armoured Cargo Transport.

Which of the newbies is doing it for you? [ScreenRant]