Steam Summer Sale 2016 Looks Set for a June 23rd Kick-Off

By Gerald Lynch on at

Oh Steam, I just can't quit you. The sun may be shining, my wallet may be lighter than I'd care to admit, but the latest whispers of the launch date for the Steam Summer sale already have be drawing the blackout curtains and juggling next month's bills.

According to Steam Database, trackers of updates, game stats and all manner of other Steam-related info, some loose-lipped developers have let slip that the 2016 Steam Summer sale will kick off on June 23rd, stretching your wallet to breaking point for two whole weeks of PC gaming deals:


Steam owners Valve are, as you'd imagine, staying schtum for the time being. But it lines up quite closely to last year's timing, which saw the sale kicking off just a week earlier. We'll keep you posted with any official update, but in the meantime, what are you hoping to see get a decent price cut? I'm keeping a few quid back and my fingers crossed for Firewatch, XCOM 2 and ARK: Survival Evolved. [SteamDB]