TfL's Toilet Tube Map Will Save You From Fouling Yourself in Public

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Suggesting that one or two members of the public may have recently had little accidents on the network, TfL has squeezed out the toilet Tube map, which ISN’T actually a special new brand of loo roll. Rather than wiping your foul arse on it, the transport organisation wants you to study its colourful lines and toilet signs, so you never have to resort to relieving yourself into a platform bin while using a copy of the Metro as cover ever again.

Every station on the Tube network with toilet facilities -- both free and not free -- is highlighted, along with additional details, such as wheelchair accessibility and baby changing facilities. A quick glance shows that there are only six bogs on the Hammersmith & City line, which is worth remembering if you wake up one day with ferociously explosive bowels and aren't sure what chances of making it to the office unsquidgified you have. The full-sized version of the map is here.

Unfortunately, TfL appears to have forgotten to rename all of the stations and lines to fit the theme of the map. I'll let you suggest alternatives in the comments section. [Standard]