The Best Gadgets and Gear for Your Bank Holiday BBQ

By Tom Pritchard on at

You've got just over a week until the next Bank Holiday, your last government-mandated day off until August. The weather is starting to improve, so it's the perfect time for a BBQ. Unless it rains, in which case it's only a slightly convenient time for a BBQ. It's BBQ time is what I'm saying. So here is some seriously fancy gear to make yours absolutely perfect.

Electric Firestarter, £27

Charcoal is less convenient than gas when it comes to getting the heat started, so if you want to get things started easily (and without the likes of lighter fluid) get yourself one of these. Not only will it start the fire, it also has a built-in fan to blast it with oxygen and get everything up to cooking temperature nice and quickly. [Buy it here]

iGrill 2 Bluetooth Thermometer, £96

If you want to cook your food to perfection, you really need a thermometer. But constantly checking up on the temperature of your food is a grind, which is why you need the iGrill 2. Just plug it in, and the base-station will beam it over to your phone. You could be sitting inside watching football, while still keeping a close eye on your upcoming feast. [Buy it here]

Grillbot, £107

The biggest grind with barbecuing is the clean-up at the end. Cooking is fun, eating is even better, but nobody likes cleaning and that grill needs doing properly. Sod all the hard work and get this robot to do it for you, since there are robots that do everything these days. It's battery powered, and suitable for gas and charcoal grills. If you don't like robots, you can always opt for this motorised brush. It requires some actual work, but it takes away most of the effort. [Buy it here]

SolSource Solar Stove, $569/£392

So you don't want to use gas, or charcoal, or even electricity to cook your food. Why not harness the power of the sun instead? provided it's a nice day, you can use this set-up to grill your food using an energy source that isn't going anywhere for a few billion years. Plus, no fuel means no fire and no fire means no risk of your garden going up in flames. [Buy it here]

Barbecue Dining Boat, $50,000/£34,461

Why barbecue in the garden when you can head out on the high seas? Well maybe not the high seas, but if you live near a lake this might be a perfect purchase. If you're obscenely rich, naturally. This inflatable boat/dinghy/thing has room for 10 full-grown adults with a built-in BBQ in the middle. It's got place setting for eating and food prep, and six compartments for storing food (and probably booze) for an all-day cookout. There's even a motor for navigating to an optimum position, and an umbrella in case it rains (which it probably will). [Buy it here]

The Beer Machine, £80

Why buy beer at the supermarket when you can serve up your own instead? If you're willing to wait seven days, you can make your own home brew and sip on it while you flip burgers. You can adjust the amount of CO2 in your beer and pour it just like a proper beer using customisable taps. It's even the perfect size to fit in your fridge once the brewing is done. [Buy it here]

Slushie Machine, £50

If it's a sunny day meat won't be the only thing on your mind. Nor is cool beer. If you think you'll want something cool and sweet, make sure to grab a slushie machine. You can enjoy a delicious frosty drink without impairing your ability to drive. or you could mix it up with cocktails, if a booze-free afternoon isn't your thing. [Buy it here]

Rotisserie Grill, £106.20

Sausages are great, but you do have to keep turning them to cook them properly. While this gadget isn't involved with your BBQ, it does mean you can leave your sausages (plus hot dogs and kebabs) mostly unattended and have them cook all the way through. It also has a non-stick grill on top to cook other things and save space on your BBQ. [Buy it here]

Flameless Grill Smoker, $30/£21

Wood smokers are a great way to add flavour to your meat, and this one does it without any flames. That means you get a more concentrated, robust flavour bonding to your meat. As we all know, the more flavour the better the final result. [Buy it here]

Grill Humidifier, £42

There's nothing worse than dry meat, so why not take precautions? Sure cooking properly helps avoid that, but so does having a humidifier. Not only does it mean you'll have lovely juicy meat, it also ensures that smoke flavour bonds to the meat better. [Buy it here]

Notebook Portable BBQ, £26

Heading over to someone else's house, or into the park for your BBQ? You don't need to rely on those rubbish disposable BBQ packs with this around. It's exactly what it sounds like, a BBQ that's portable because it folds up and can be carried around in a single hand. It is pretty small, but all the best portable things are. [Buy it here]