The 'Bomb' That Cancelled Man United Vs Bournemouth Was a Training Device for Dogs

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

It’s slow hand clap time, people. You know the ‘suspicious package’ that caused Old Trafford to be evacuated and Man United’s final league game to be postponed? Turns out it wasn’t a terrorist threat, but the result of an incomplete tidying up operation.

A member of the public (rightly, I must add) alerted the authorities after discovering a dodgy-looking contraption -- reportedly a phone strapped to piping -- in some toilets at the Theatre of Dreams. The stadium was promptly evacuated (players and home fans first, of course), the game was called off and a bomb disposal team carried out a controlled explosion within Old Trafford.

However, the item that triggered all of the panic was neither a bomb nor a sick hoax. It was accidentally left there by a private company, which had been using it as part of a training exercise for explosive search dogs. Dogs that need to up their game, it seems.

It’s been a bizarre few days for United’s players and coaching staff. Last week they were involved in another hairy moment, when a section of West Ham fans blocked their coach and pelted it with bottles ahead of the final ever match at Upton Park. That’ll keep them grounded. [BBC]