The David Brent and Alan Partridge GIF Search Engines Are Perfection

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The hyphenated word ‘game-changer’ is used excessively these days, but not so in this case. An inspirational chap by the name of Jon Jones has created the Alan Partridge and David Brent GIF search engines, and they’re perfect.

Which games are they changing? Who knows? Perhaps the internet. That’s a game, isn’t it? Your Facebook feed? Okay, maybe ‘disruptive’ is more appropriate. The David Brent and Alan Partridge GIF search engines will disrupt your day. Yeah, that fits. Two of the most quotable characters in TV history just became even more quotable.

“Because I have no life, in my spare time I've been working on a GIF search engine for The Office UK and I'm Alan Partridge,” Jones told us in an email earlier on. “Using a mix of PHP, MySQL, FFmpeg and ImageMagick I've gone through every episode and captured GIFs. These are searchable on the 2 sites below. Though this was a spare time project I'd like to see it get used by people (and justify the cost of setting up a server to make it public!)”

Go on, give them a go. And write off the next hour of your life.