The Half Life 2 City Scanner Comes to Life With a Sweet Drone Mod

By Bryan Menegus on at

Modder Valplushka gave a thorough overhaul to a quadcopter and brought to life the single most annoying enemy in Half-Life 2. All this time, the dystopian haunts of City 17 were just a town in modern day Russia.

Although the heavily-augmented drone won’t be searing corneas or sending Combine soldiers to chase anyone down, it does have the glowing red iris, floodlight, and articulated armour plates of its fictional counterpart. It’s so damn cool, and yet I can’t help but want to take a crowbar to this floating pest.

Valplushka uploaded a making-of video for those interested in recreating the eerie robot, but it won’t be of much use if your Russian is rusty/nonexistent like mine. [Digg Video]