The Rogue One Prequel Comic Has Been Cancelled

By Tom Pritchard on at

Some of you may have heard that Marvel was planning on releasing a prequel comic to Rogue One, the upcoming Star Wars spin-off and prequel to A New Hope. Now it turns out that prequel to a prequel is no more.

Originally announced at C2E2 back in March, the Rogue One prequel was supposed to be a three-issue miniseries and one stand-alone one-shot set for release in October. The idea was to introduce audiences to the characters of Rogue One before their big-screen debut. No longer, it seems.

According to, retailers, including Amazon, have been sending out emails cancellation emails to everyone who pre-ordered the book. The listing for the book has also been removed from Amazon, meaning nobody can try and pre-order it again. There's always the chance that Marvel will bring back some sort of tie-in for the film (Star Wars has been a very big seller, after all), but for now the whole thing is cancelled.

No creative had been announced for the comic, though artist Phil Noto (who worked on the Poe Dameron and Chewbacca comics) had drawn an incredible piece of art that would have looked amazing on the front of a comic.

Star Wars fanatics will, thankfully, still be able to enjoy the prequel novel Rogue One: Catalyst when it's released on 4th October.

Apparently Marvel has yet to comment on the development. []