Thief With Ludicrous Accent Recorded Driving Stolen BMW to London Flat

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Worth watching purely for the sake of hearing the guy’s ridiculous voice, dashcam footage of a thief chatting to a dodgy acquaintance about the stolen BMW i3 he’s driving to his flat -- not his mum’s -- has become an online hit.

Posted to YouTube less than a week ago with the description “My friend's car was stolen (and recovered) recently. There was a dashcam in it, and it yielded these results”, the clip’s had over 80,000 views. It records the excited criminal cruising through north London and exposing his address -- a flat on an estate next to North Middlesex hospital -- in a phone conversation with a potential buyer.

He clearly loves the car, at one point exclaiming, "I have never been in a car like this. This car will leave anything for DAST! It is OFF! It can MOVE!" BMW will be pleased.

But who is the man behind the voice? Commenters have suggested Tim Westwood, Ali G and.. Gross Gore (yeah, me neither). We may never know, because the police bizarrely don’t plan to track him down because the owner of the stolen car located it using GPS tracking data and reclaimed it without their help.

If you know a man with this voice, record him as often as you can and post all of the footage online. [Guardian]