Three's Increased MMS Prices Could Affect Your SMS Messages Too

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Any of you that still use multimedia messages (MMS) to send pictures to your mates -- who still does this? -- should be aware that Three is set to increase prices from 17.4p a message to 40p a message on June 13th. You’ve got plenty of time to familiarise yourselves with WhatsApp and get all of your mates on board with the messaging app too before the price hike comes into effect.

The more important news for the majority of customers is that any emojis added to standard text messages could cause you to be charged MMS prices, and that’s no laughing matter. According to reports, you can also be charged MMS prices when you send an SMS to multiple recipients.

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Before you get all pissy with Three though, it’s worth taking a look at MMS charges from its rivals. EE and O2 also charge 40p a message, while Vodafone's up on 45p. Seriously though, who still uses MMS?