UK's Digital Driving Licences Coming to Apple Wallet Users

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Oliver Morley, the CEO of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has tweeted a picture of a prototype digital driving licence on the Apple Wallet app. Described by Morley as “something we’re working on,” it’s being reported that the digital document will be an add-on, rather than a replacement for, the hard copy, probably to prevent illegal drivers from falling back on the 'my phone's dead' excuse whenever they were pulled over.

It seems unlikely that a digital licence would only be made available to iPhone-users -- a glance at the reactions to Morley’s post gives you an idea of the backlash the DVLA would face in such an instance -- but we’re expecting the first digital licences to arrive in 2018.

The car industry is facing a dramatic overhaul thanks to new technologies, with electric and autonomous vehicles all the rage, and technology firms including Apple and Google coming through to challenge traditional car manufacturers.

Earlier this year, DeLaRue announced that it's working on digital passports that can be stored on smartphones. However, security issues mean it's proving a little tricky. [BBC]