Virgin Media's TiVo 2 Wants to Outdo Sky Q

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Media has told its investors that it's nearly ready to launch an entirely new set-top box, one that'll be 4K ready and presumably pitched at competing with current telly tech leader the Sky Q box.

The news broke in an investor update from the media company, with the company telling press that it has a "new set-top box platform" coming this year, with the key word being platform -- it's a new thing and no mere case/remote/LED colour upgrade of the existing TiVO series.

The company then released an entire new sentence of words about it to What HiFi, explaining: "There will be a new set-top box coming later this year, and it will support Ultra High Definition video. Before that we will be updating the existing TiVO set-top box to make its menus slicker and more picture-based." [Virgin via What HiFi]

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